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Learn How To Play guitar Using Suzuki Books

What makes Suzuki unique? What’s the difference between Suzuki Teaching and other methods of good guitar instruction? Teaching Suzuki Method is more about understanding Dr. Suzuki’s philosophy and approach to education than it is differences in the fundamentals of good guitar instruction. The statement “Every child can learn.” originated with Dr. Suzuki and now pervades the landscape of all types of education – not just music – at every level. At the core of his approach is the belief in the unlimited potential of the Student and that the Teacher along with the Parent assists the Student in the process of growing into a fine human being with a beautiful heart.

Suzuki Guitar students

Just about everyone seems to know about the Suzuki Method for Violin, but many people are not aware of Suzuki Guitar, although it’s been around more than twenty-five years. Two of the earliest Suzuki Guitar students were Connie Sheu and Adam Kossler – both of whom are excellent performers who have completed their Doctoral Studies in Guitar. Connie serves the GFA (Guitar Foundation of America) as Director of Communications and Touring and Adam has been multiple times a semi-finalist in the Concert Artist Competition. Recently, GFA has seen more Suzuki Students in the Ensemble Showcase and among recent winners in both Senior and Junior Divisions of the Youth Competition.

your teacher

Hello, I'm Behzad Mirkhani, your instructor for this course. I am a guitarist, composer, arranger, and sound engineer, holding a master's degree in music technology from Southern Utah University. As a member of American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers, I bring a wealth of experience and expertise to our learning journey.

If you are serious about learning the guitar, then I will guide you step by step through three levels of proficiency.


Learn and master guitar with the Suzuki Method.

Learn how to read musical notation and develop a solid guitar technique and some basic repertoire.


Are you an intermediate guitar player looking to move unto the next level?

Drastically improve your technique and sound now.


How would you feel if you could finally play the guitar repertoire that you love with ease and confidence!

Take your guitar playing to the highest level.

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